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13. oktober - Gammeldanskveld, Riksscenen

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10. november - Oslo-kappleik på Riksscenen


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In English about our CD "Hjemve"


Hjemve contains a collection of the oldest traditional folk music pieces from sterdalen. We have focused on traditional music from Elverum in the south to Tolga in the north, including the varied pols traditions as a main theme. Some of the pieces are very old, whereas others are relatively recently composed,  though in the traditional style.

We have also chosen to include a Swedish polska, Julottan, which we have learned from our Riksspelman (Master Player of Swedish Folk Music) Thomas Westling. This is because we think it is beautiful but also to honor our close relationship with Swedish folk music.

Springleik, springar, pols, polsk, polsdans! These are some of the names we find for pols in sterdalen. Many of these belong to the same rythmic family, but the dances vary. One example is the polsk from Rendalen and the Polsdans from Elverum, which are similar in structure. The pieces are short and the dancers promenade between each piece. Still, there are differences in character, something that we aim to express in our music.

The way that Elverum polsdans is danced today, is more energetic and lively that the polsk from Rendalen. In the polsk the tones blend more together and we can feel that the dance is danced with a more formal style.

The Polsk in Rendalen has been played and danced in different ways independent from where in the district the bearer of the tradition has lived. We have chosen to play the polsk in the style of Ottar Nysveen (1916-1999) because we think that this style is best suited to the way the polsk is danced today.

In the villages north of Rendalen and Engerdal there are traditions for longer pieces without promenading, whereas further south the pieces are quite short.

There are many pieces in sterdalen that have both rythmic and melodic similarities with music in other districts, and Folldal is perhaps the village that has taken care of most such. This is perhaps due to the mining business at Folldal mine, which attracted workers from other areas. Here, springleik, springar and pols meet in they meet in harmonious fellowship.

Hjemve means longing for home, but the longing is not necessarily to a particular place. It can be a longing for music or a longing towards something that is more difficult to describe.


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